NEW 2.0

Creating and Assigning Templates

Templates are being created using DOC items.

The QMS project comes already with some pre-defined templates, which should be reviewed and adjusted to your company's needs.

In case you want to create new templates

  • Click on the main category folder (DOC in this case) and click on Create Documents
  • Create a document as described here: Controlled Documents
  • Select who can approve the document
  • When it's ready, archive the document: Archiving Controlled Documents
  • A SIGN item will be created
  • Once the SIGN item is approved and signed off, you can select in which project(s) this template should be used. 
    Note: the possible targets projects need to be selected in the Administration client
  • Click on Publish as Template for selected projects.

Now the template can be used in the selected projects.

Look at the following video (direct link here) to see how to create new document template: