Custom Data Sections for Documents

Matrix comes with many predefined document section to export data, e.g.

  • a sequential list of all items

  • items with some of the fields in a tabular form

  • various trace tables

Using custom data sections it is possible to create documents and excel table with your own rules and design.

Each custom section defines the input (items to be shown) and the layout to be used.

The layouts itself are stored in a dedicated project called PRINT.

Adding custom sections

Once the layout has been defined you can add a custom section to your document:

In the section you define

(1) the items over which to iterate

(2) which items to possibly include (by default all, but you could use this to exclude some items, e.g. from previous test runs)

(3), (4) the layout to be used

There are two kinds of layouts: Tables and Lists. Both can be generated as word documents. Tables can also be exported to excel.