What are the hosting options / can I install on-premises?

Most of our customers choose that Matrix Requirements provides the hosting. There are many advantages 

  • it is easier to support you since (some selected support) employees can have access to the configuration and data
  • we do the backups and make sure they are existing (encrypted, in 3 different places) and also that they work
  • we have a monitoring system in place to detect and prevent downtime an unusual activities before they effect you.
  • it is the most cost efficient solution

Besides the standard cloud hosting we also offer (see pricing here)

  • on-premises installation: software runs on your own server which you maintain. We help you with the setup and configuration.
  • google private cloud: we (or you) rent a dedicated Google Cloud instance, we install the software there. We can configure it to be only accessible through a VPN.
  • high redundancy hosting: here we add a server in another data center which automatically uploads the last backups (every hour). This additional server is by default in read-only mode. Note: normally this option is not required since we can restore backups within minutes if a data center would go down.