Known Issues

ItemDescriptionWorkaroundFix Version
BUG-1 History in QMS not working

You created some category which is published as part of your quality manual website.

When you look at website you can see different revisions of items in that category but if you compare them the dialog box stays empty.

Ask to have hotfix deployed

2.2 Hotfix
BUG-2 QMS publications include titles of not approved procedures

You created a number of processes and work instructions and want to publish every time you finish one. In your publish website you can see the unpublished processes and work instructions but as they have not yet been approved there is only the title but no content. 

Ask to have hotfix deployed

2.2 Hotfix
BUG-3 QMS Publication does not work

When you get an error while publishing items it could be that you copied the project from another without the history. The publication process needs to know the history of the project as it allows you to compare published items with previously published items. 

Delete all the existing PUB items (as they refer to not existing revisions of processes) 

To be decided
BUG-4 Huge images are not visible in word /pdf documents

You have an item with an image which is bigger than a page of the PDF / Word document. If you create a DOC/SIGN which includes such an image the image will not be shown as word cannot handle this. Not this can be easily the case if you make a DrawIO diagram which is very large. 

Scale images to be smaller than your printed pages 

Planned 2.3
BUG-5 Faulty list of abbreviations

You have a document which includes abbreviations which are supposedly used in the document. But they are not. 

A workaround is to only use abbreviation for long meaningful text. 

Alternatively create a manual list of used macros or one global abbreviation document.

This is caused by the algorithm which check if the document contains the text of the abbreviation. If you now have abbreviations which are replace by something very simple, e.g. 'hell' it will find assume the abbreviation is used because there's an 'hello' in the text. 

Planned 2.3
BUG-6 Smart links are not generated in some table sections in documents

You added a generic table section to a DOC item and added some smart links like REQ-1 Item Categories or some macros like _ mymacro _. These are not resolved when printing the document. 

Instead of using a "generic table" use a "responsibilities" table. You can change the columns as needed. 

BUG-7 Importing RISKs from excel does not show correct risk properties

When importing risks from excel, the importer used the project wide risk configuration to determine the risk properties. If the configuration of the risk field into which the risks should be imported, the import UI does not show the correct fields.

You can copy the risk configuration from the risk field to the project setting. Note: the easiest is to do this by copy and pasting parts of the json configuration of the field as project setting (through the advanced settings). Don't hesitate to ask us to do this. 

BUG-8 Some columns of risk tables in pdf use different font

When exporting a risk FMEA table to word multiline text descriptions of risks use a different font compared to the rest of the document. 

Ask to have hotfix deployed

2.2 Hotfix
BUG-9 Calendar view only shows last 100 changes per day

When looking at the changes of a specific day the calendar only shows only up to 100 changes.

Ask to have hotfix deployed

2.2 Hotfix
BUG-10 Safari build in password manager popping up after login

After logging in the password manager shows a popup somewhere in the tree. 

Use another password manager 

BUG-11 Smart links don't show after full text search

When you have a smart link in a rich text field and run a full text search the actual link will be hidden instead of highlighted. 

If an item which matches the search does not highlight the search term, it's probably caused by this issue. Activating the rich text editor will show the search term highlighted. 

BUG-12 Sometimes text in tables is replaced by (...)

In some circumstances tables will not break the text correctly when looking at them on screen. 

Resize the column a little. 

BUG-13 Document download button indicates wrongly that document is filtered

This can happen if if you copy a document with a filter from a project with the label to another project where the label does not exist. 

Ignore the warning. 

BUG-14 Context frames shows items which should be filtered

If you have the context frame enabled showing downlinks you might have some category disabled (e.g. XTC). There still might be XTCs displayed. This can happen if multiple trace paths exist from the selected item to the category. 

Check and un-check the checkbox for the category (e.g. XTC) and they will be filtered out. 

BUG-15 Design review labels cannot be unlocked

If a design review label was also used as a lock it was impossible to unlock it once set. 

Ask to have hotfix deployed

2.2 Hotfix